Parish Councillors


These are the Councillors for Gt Braxted Parish Council.



CHAIRMAN                         Mr Kenneth Hornett


                                                The Village Farmhouse

                                                Tiptree Road

                                                Great Braxted, Witham   Essex   CM8 3EJ




VICE-CHAIRMAN               Mr Graeme Elder


                                               7 Brookfields,

                                               Tiptree Road

                                               Great Braxted, Witham, Essex   CM8 3EH



COUNCILLORS                    Mr Iain Armstrong


                                                The DuCane

                                                Tiptree Road

                                                Great Braxted, Witham, Essex  CM8 3EJ


                                           Mrs Wendy Roderick


                                                2 High Ridge

                                                Tiptree Road

                                                Great Braxted, Witham, Essex  CM8 3EE


                                           Mrs Belinda Spensley



                                                Tiptree Road

                                                Great Braxted, Witham, Essex  CM8 3EF